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Conspiracy at 2015 Club PuSh

The PuSh festival is Vancouver’s winter cultural mecca.  Did we see you at the PuSh launch, engrossed by the live-narrated documentary about “Bucky” (Buckminster Fuller) with live soundtrack by the übercool Yo La Tengo?

Get ready for more of that vibe at Club PuSh (Performance Works, Granville Island) – the festival hotspot where you’ll find cutting-edge shows in a fun and social cabaret setting.

We are supercharged about three shows we have commissioned and are co-presenting at Club PuSh.

Sonic Elder (The Chop Theatre)
Jan. 29, 8pm
Can a song change your life? What is hidden in the music of the past? In this newly commissioned work, six Vancouver music legends come together to form a band, share their greatest hits, deepest heartbreaks and rock Club PuSh. The latest from Vancouver’s The Chop Theatre, Sonic Elder examines the music of the ’50s and ’60s and how it shaped youth culture, spawning a generation of social and political agitators whose words and actions continue to resonate.

Sunbelt: Cabalcor
Feb. 1, 2015
Sun Belt’s debut collection of surreal, dusty songs and stories gets adapted into a multimedia invented history of a tar sands company town. Through music, image and readings, Sun Belt: Cabalcor charts the rise and fall of Cabalcor, an imaginary region that, within the span of a century, becomes a desert wasteland. This Club PuSh performance is based on Sun Belt’s experimental book/album released in late 2014 by Anvil Press and Offseason Records.

eatingthegame (Hong Kong Exile)
Feb. 5, 8pm
Hong Kong Exile investigates the advancements in foreign property investment, cultural exchange, and policy-making that are changing the face of international trade. Artist-entrepreneur Conor Wylie delivers a keynote speech from and between two worlds: Vancouver and China, West and East, business and culture, ethics and desire.



Stray in New York


Stray Bax-1

Vancouver multi-disciplinary performer Tanya Marquardt moved to New York City three years ago to be alone and write Stray, her memoir about her years as a teen runaway. Created with co-performer Tim Carlson and director Mallory Catlett, Stray adapts scenes from her memoir into a cabaret-style montage-alogue, integrating the influence of New York underground culture with music.

Theatre Conspiracy is thrilled to present new scenes from Stray at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) in New York in:


curated by MELANIE JONES (2013/15 BAX Artist In Residence)
featuring Cagey Productions, Theatre Conspiracy, and Danielle Marleau

Friday, Oct 31 @ 8PM

Saturday, Nov 1 @ 8PM


(Above: left – Tim Carlson, right – Tanya Marquardt in Stray)



a game of secrets


Watch the trailer on Vimeo


Foreign Radical  is game of secrets that plays out within a documentary theatre installation. From Edward Snowden’s revelations to a lawsuit against the Canadian government to privacy within personal relationships, the Foreign Radical audience explores the question: How do you value your privacy in the age of cyber surveillance? Foreign Radical premieres at The Cultch in April 2015.




Conspiracy’s 2014-15 season announcement coming soon!

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