Conspiracy won the Georgia Straight Critics’ Choice Innovation Award
for Foreign Radical at the 33rd Annual Jessie Richardson Awards!


Thanks to everyone who created, supported and participated in Foreign Radical.
We couldn’t have done it without you: the audience IS the show.






Foreign Radical

Premiere: April 16-25, 2015

The Cultch, Vancouver


People can’t stop talking and thinking about Foreign Radical.

“…privacy, security, and government surveillance are important things to think about, and Foreign Radical provides a very cool format in which to do that thinking.”
– Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“It is at times giddy and at times sobering and it is always involving both literally and figuratively. … A unique theatrical experience that induces a lot of nervous laughter from the intimate audience. … The (audience) seemed flush with excitement as they left.”
– David Jones, OUTspoken

“I admit to having spent more time researching, thinking and talking about this particular review than any other in recent memory. That it lingers in one’s mind makes it powerful.”
– Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

“SO GOOD, so relevant, so unsettling, so innovative…omg take my money.”
Zoë Forsythe, Cultch Concierge

“I wanted to share this again. If you love theatre or want to do something interesting and different. I can’t say enough great things about this performance piece by Tim Carlson. It’s been on my mind for days as well asTajana’s. We can’t stop talking about it! So please go and participate.”
– Tarique Qayumi

“Radical theatre that actually questions, provokes AND is good art!”
Shayna Plaut

“This level of personal engagement is unusual in the theatre, and it’s stimulating, as is the fluidity of the event: your experience is, to a very large extent, determined by the audience members you’re seeing the show with.”
– Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

Foreign Radical
invites 20 participants into an intriguing theatrical game world exploring security, profiling, terrorism, freedom of expression and privacy in the age of cyber surveillance.


Foreign Radical Forum3


Foreign Radical Forum:

April 18, 6pm in The Cultch Founder’s Lounge
FREE, open to the public

Join BC Civil Liberties Association lawyer Carmen Cheung;Vancouver Sun reporter Ian Mulgrew; lawyer, activist and founding member of Critical Muslim Voices, Hasan Alam, and Foreign Radical artists in a discussion of the issues explored in the show.



Stray | a rock’n’roll memoir

Jon Wood, Tanya Marquardt, Ed Goodine and Tim Carlson, Stray BAX
Jon Wood, Tanya Marquardt, Ed Goodine and Tim Carlson, Stray BAX

Vancouver multi-disciplinary performer Tanya Marquardt moved to New York City three years ago to be alone and write Stray, her memoir about her years as a teen runaway. Created with co-performer Tim Carlson and director Mallory Catlett, Stray adapts scenes from her memoir into a cabaret-style montage-alogue, integrating the influence of New York underground culture with music.

Theatre Conspiracy presented new scenes from Stray at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) in  CANADIANS ARE MEAN, a showcase of Canadian work curated by Melanie Jones (2013/15 BAX Artist In Residence), featuring Cagey Productions, Theatre Conspiracy, and Danielle Marleau. Oct/Nov 2014.


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