Conspiracy at 2015 Club PuSh 

We have commissioned and are co-presenting three dynamic shows at Club PuSh – the hub of the PuSh festival where you’ll find cutting-edge shows in a fun and social cabaret setting.

Sonic Elder (The Chop Theatre) | Jan. 29, 8pm 
Sun Belt: Cabalcor | 
Feb. 1, 8pm
(Hong Kong Exile) | 
Feb. 5, 8pm

Read artistic producer Tim Carlson’s curatorial statement about eatingthegame on the PuSh blog.

Foreign Radical in-progress at The Cultch

Foreign Radical | a game of secrets

Premiere: April 15-26, 2015 | The Cultch

From Edward Snowden’s revelations to a lawsuit against the Canadian government to privacy within personal relationships, the Foreign Radical audience explores the question: How do you value your privacy in the age of cyber surveillance?

Watch the trailer on Vimeo


Jon Wood, Tanya Marquardt, Ed Goodine and Tim Carlson, Stray BAX

Stray | a rock’n’roll memoir

Vancouver multi-disciplinary performer Tanya Marquardt moved to New York City three years ago to be alone and write Stray, her memoir about her years as a teen runaway. Created with co-performer Tim Carlson and director Mallory Catlett, Stray adapts scenes from her memoir into a cabaret-style montage-alogue, integrating the influence of New York underground culture with music.

Theatre Conspiracy presented new scenes from Stray at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) in  CANADIANS ARE MEAN, a showcase of Canadian work curated by Melanie Jones (2013/15 BAX Artist In Residence), featuring Cagey Productions, Theatre Conspiracy, and Danielle Marleau. Oct/Nov 2014.


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