Club PuSh 2012

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Published on: February 4, 2012

Club PuSh Stage

January 18 – February 4, 2012

Performance Works ,  Granville Island


licensed. chilled. intimate. Club PuSh is a dynamic space that is all about experimentation—cutting-edge work suited for a less traditional, more informal venue. Marquee acts begin at 8pm, with salon-style work that is compact, portable and highly performative. Most Friday and Saturday nights include Late Nights at Club PuSh at 10pm.

Club PuSh is the social hub of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival—a place to grab a drink in a chill environment and chat with other festival goers while taking in an array of artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

The 2012 Club PuSh lineup of shows was stellar with many sold-out nights.


Woody Sed
January 18 – 21

Don McGlashan
January 22

Beat Nation Live
January 25

The Wooden Lightbox + Trunk
January 26

Mary Margaret O’Hara & Peggy Lee – Beautiful Tool
January 27 – 28

Trampoline Hall
January 29

Club PuSh 2012Making Art Noises
February 1

My Mind is Like an Open Meadow + Best Play / Worst Play
February 2

Comparison is Violence
February 3 – 4

For more information on Club PuSh and the PuSh festival, visit the push festival website.

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