A series of intimate dinners and parties in inspiring spaces

Theatre Conspiracy’s signature fundraising events are an ongoing series of cocktail parties and intimate dinners in architecturally, historically relevant and / or otherwise inspiring and unique locations.

These photos from recent Secret Spaces events are a fine introduction: a summer cocktail party at the Marine Building penthouse, a sweet spring W2 suite dinner, an autumn dinner at Arthur Erickson’s Baldwin House on Deer Lake Park, a wine tasting at Koo’s Garage and a sizzling summer dinner atop The Keefer Suites penthouse.

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A General Election Conspiracy Party!

Watch election results.
Music. Comedy. Cheap booze.

Tim Carlson (LoraxYoung Drunk Punk) hosts a (non-partisan) election-night cabaret featuring:

Joe Keithley (DOA)
punk band Glad Rags
O,o,o,o Theatre
Pedro Chamale
bullsh*t bingo with Jimmy Mitchell
election commentary by Reil Hahn and David Bloom
Milton Lim (Hong Kong Exile)
Chris Gatchalian (the frank theatre company)

Directed by Jeremy Waller.

OCTOBER 19, 7pm

The Odd Fellows Hall, 1443 W. 8th Ave. @ Granville St.

Recent Event:  
Marine Building Penthouse

a summer bash with

Harry Hertscheg (Vancouver International Wine Festival)
& Sabrina Hira (Appellation Wine/ The Passionate Grape)

Hosted by Urbanics/ Phil Boname

WHEN:    Friday, August 8
WHERE:   Marine Building Penthouse (2000-355 Burrard)

Conspiracy orchestrated a fine summer evening in the Penthouse of the Marine Building, one of the world’s finest Art Deco buildings. We explored the two floors of the private Penthouse while sipping fine vintages and enjoying the stunning view over Vancouver.

HOSTS:  Harry Hertscheg, producer of the Vancouver International Wine Festival, Canada’s premier wine show, and Sabrina Hira, territory manager for Appellation Wines and owner of boutique wine consultation company The Passionate Grape, combined their grape knowledge to bring us a sizzling selection of wines.

SPACE:  The tallest skyscraper in the British Empire when it opened in 1930, the Marine Building was intended to evoke “some great crag rising from the sea, clinging with sea flora and fauna, tinted in sea-green, touched with gold.” Designed by McCarter & Nairne, the marine-themed building is a wonder of Art Deco architecture and one of the busiest filming locations in the city. In 1933, A.J.T. (Fred) Taylor, managing director of British Pacific, bought the building and built a lavish Art Deco penthouse on the top floor. A ride on the small period elevator that connects the penthouse with the 18th floor is one of the evening’s highlights.

SPREAD: Wines specially selected by Harry Hertscheg & Sabrina Hira. Fine chocolates and canapés by Ann Kirsebom & Suzanne Kaufman.