About Conspiracy

Theatre Conspiracy creates theatrical events that activate discussion on vital contemporary themes in the international conversation.

Theatre Conspiracy is committed to enhancing a rich dialogue between our city, the province and the international community. We are committed to working with other arts organizations and community leaders to achieve artistic excellence, engage audiences, raise the profile of theatre and share resources.

Theatre Conspiracy was co-founded by Richard Wolfe and Tim Carlson, incorporated in 1995 and is a registered charity.



  • Theatre Conspiracy’s critical inquiry and aesthetic curiosity contributes to a public dialogue activating freedom of expression, diversity in identity and opinion, and challenges the status quo.


  • Theatre Conspiracy provides a platform for artists creating contemporary work for stage and media to investigate new directions in society, politics and culture.


  • International perspective informs the company’s research and creation. Touring enlarges the vision of our work via connection with global audiences and cultures.

  • Recognition of emerging artists’ perspective, marginalized voices, and recognition of elders’ experience equally influence Conspiracy’s practice.

  • A spirit of generosity and inclusion draws new audiences, collaborators and partners into Theatre Conspiracy’s circle of interest.

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