Foreign Radical: Are You Game?

Key and Privacy on computer keyboard background
Key and Privacy on computer keyboard background

Are You Game?

by Jeremy Waller, director

Have you lived an ethical life online or is it rather murky? Are you outraged by government surveillance of its citizens or do you feel exempt from it? What kind of information do you think CSIShas collected about you? Are you willing to draw attention to yourself in order to find out? Are you willing to be permanently labelled a “foreign radical” out of a desire for a better world?

Put your answers to the test. Come out and play Foreign Radical (Your Kontinent - July 19, 23, 24 & 25), a new game by Theatre Conspiracy where you can either discard your anonymity and fight for everyone's right to privacy or deflect and protect yourself from the information machine and try to keep your identity safe.

Foreign Radical is not a video game, board, or schoolyard sport. It’s a game that happens in a radical theatrical environment where your feet are your joystick and your thoughts and motivations are the buttons to take action. You can be in the driver’s seat of political activism, or take the nearest exit off the infobahn as you consider the repercussions of your public cries for freedom.

We’re putting the play in play. And it’s personal. This is theatre where your life may never be the same as a result of a choice you make. That’s not an empty boast. The question is: Are you game?