Double Take: Tim Carlson interviews Tim Carlson

Conspiracy AD Tim Carlson and Election Conspiracy host Tim Carlson interview each other


Tim Carlson: Is that a Mulcair beard? Tim Carlson: Definitely. An election beard. Was going to shave but now I think I have to take it to the end. Tim Carlson: If Mulcair wins will you shave it off on stage? Tim Carlson: It wouldn't be the first time I've shaved on stage. Is your's a Mulcair beard? Tim Carlson: I've had this on and off since before ever hearing of Mulcair. Okay, next question: With the race being so close, it's predicted that B.C. will decide who wins. Are we responsible enough to take that on? Tim Carlson: Vancouver's in a bit of a bubble. I hope events push the rest of the province in a progressive direction. Tim Carlson: There was only a 52% voter turnout for the last B.C. election. We're pretty lame. Tim Carlson: Who does have the best hair in this election? Tim Carlson: Gilles Duceppe. Tim Carlson: I agree! Tim Carlson: What politician should always have his / her face covered? Tim Carlson: I have to go with Harper just because the dead eyes freak me out. Tim Carlson: Which politician should buy you a drink? Tim Carlson: Harper owes me a drink! I'd like to sit down with him just to try, try to understand. What  about you? Tim Carlson: Mike Duffy. I'd just like to see him pick up the tab. Tim Carlson: He's not a politician. Tim Carlson: Okay, Joe Oliver. The finance minister. Tim Carlson: Who would you like to buy a drink? Tim Carlson: Constance Barnes. She's running against Hedy Fry. She needs a drink! Tim Carlson: I'd buy a round for all the Green candidates. Tim Carlson: All of them? Nationally? That would be a big tab. Tim Carlson: Okay, I'm from the Island. Just the Island candidates. Tim Carlson: Have you interacted with any politicians in the campaign? Tim Carlson: I went to a Mulcair rally. Previous to this election I would have been embarrassed to get involved in the rah-rah shit but I'd never heard him speak before. Tim Carlson: What issue are you most concerned about? Tim Carlson: The economy. This government is fiscally irresponsible and bad for business. Tim Carlson: The Conservatives made us too reliant on oil. The economy needs to diversify. Tim Carlson: Maybe I'm more concerned about Bill C-51 and the Fair Elections Act. Tim Carlson: Yes, that coming after the robocall fraud in the last election. Tim Carlson: Aside from CBC funding, the arts and culture haven't been part of this campaign. Tim Carlson: Trudeau said yesterday the Liberals would double the Canada Council budget. Tim Carlson: Mmmm ... [off the record comment]. Tim Carlson: What's your prediction for election night? Tim Carlson: Slim NDP minority with Liberals in opposition. Might be wishful thinking. I think the Greens are going to get a few more on the Island and the Bloc a few more in Quebec. Tim Carlson: The most dramatic outcome would be 112 seats for the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP with one each for the Greens and the Bloc. But I'll say 120 NDP, 115 Conservative, 100 Liberal , two Bloc and one Green.

A General Election Conspiracy

Election Night: Oct. 15

Tim Carlson (Lorax, Young Drunk Punk) hosts a (non-partisan) election-night cabaret featuring Joe Keithley (DOA), punk band Glad Rags, O,o,o,o Theatre, Pedro Chamale, bullsh*t bingo with Jimmy Mitchell, election commentary by Riel Hahn and David Bloom, and cheap booze. And so much, much more.

Tickets: $10/ $12 at door

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