Victim Impact [2018]

Imagine that you, your parents or grandparents, who have worked a lifetime to save for retirement and buy a home, suddenly lose it all.

A trusted friend or family member or someone in your religious community had talked you into investing your life savings.

But it was all a lie.

Former notary public Rashida Samji and “senior investment advisor” Arvin Patel drew family, friends and community members into a vast web of deceit between 2003 and 2012.

Over two hundred people in BC were ripped off in a Ponzi scheme of over $115 million. Most of the victims are retirees and a high proportion are members of the Surrey South Asian community.

Theatre Conspiracy’s new documentary show Victim Impact looks at the fallout for those affected as they got sucked into the vortex of civil and criminal trials.

Conspiracy AD Tim Carlson leads the project in association with PTC’s Kathleen Flaherty, visuals designer Milton Lim and sound designer David Mesiha who all worked together on the hit show Foreign Radical.

  • Writer: Tim Carlson
  • Dramaturg: Kathleen Flaherty
  • Director: Jiv Parasram
  • Visuals Designer: Milton Lim
  • Sound Designer: David Mesiha
  • Cast: Nimet Kanji, Jenn Griffin, Risha Nanda, Munish Sharma, Allan Morgan

  • Stage manager: Heidi Quicke

  • Outreach Co-ordinator and ASM: Gavan Cheema

The show premieres at The Cultch in Vancouver in June 2018.


  • The Cultch (upcoming world premiere)                                        Vancouver, Canada                                June 9-17, 2018