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Victim Impact: The Fraudcast

Tune in March 15, 2018 for the launch of


Theatre Conspiracy is proud to present Victim Impact: The Fraudcast, a podcast series investigating a legendary Vancouver-area fraud – one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Canadian history. And most of the victims are BC residents.

Over 200 people were ripped off in Rashida Samji’s Ponzi $110-million scheme. Using her status as a notary public, Samji scammed family, friends and the wider public in a completely fictional wine investment scam.

The fraudcast is an outgrowth of Theatre Conspiracy’s documentary-style theatre show Victim Impact (premiering at The Cultch, Vancouver in June 2018). Faced with thousands of pages of court documents and dozens of hours of interviews for the theatre piece, Artistic Director Tim Carlson decided to create a podcast to investigate the reams of material that will not make it into the show.

Working with dramaturg and former CBC radio producer Kathleen Flaherty (PTC) and sound designer David Mesiha, Carlson will host the podcast over six episodes launching  March 15, 2018.

This series examines the crushing fallout for the victims, the tangled legal manoeuvres, and the money trail. We also investigate mysterious angles behind Samji’s claim that she is the ultimate victim.

Listen at, and subscribe at iTunes or Stitcher.