Premiere | 'Victim Impact' at The Cultch
to Jun 17

Premiere | 'Victim Impact' at The Cultch

In the largest Ponzi scheme in B.C. history, former notary public Rashida Samji and financial planner Arvin Patel drew family, friends and their communities into a vast web of deceit between 2003 and 2012.

Theatre Conspiracy’s new documentary show Victim Impact investigates mysterious aspects of the case, following it through the courts and down the money trail. The show looks at the fallout for those affected as they got sucked into the vortex of civil and criminal trials. Over two hundred people were ripped off in the fraud scheme involving over $110 million.

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Victim Impact: The Fraudcast
to Sep 30

Victim Impact: The Fraudcast

Victim Impact: The Fraudcast is a podcast series investigating one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Canadian history. Rashida Samji's complex and mysterious fraud scheme resulted in over $110 million in losses and affected the lives of hundreds of victims. The podcast is created by Theatre Conspiracy with a live theatre production premiering in June 2018. The podcast is written and narrated by Tim Carlson and co-produced by Kathleen Flaherty (PTC) and David Mesiha.

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to Feb 17

Premiere | 'No Foreigners' at The Cultch

A co-production between Hong Kong Exile (Vancouver) and fu-GEN Theatre (Toronto), produced in association with Theatre Conspiracy.

Shopping malls become a portal into surreal worlds that carry the nuanced stories of loss and resilience from the Chinese diaspora. This multimedia performance investigates malls as racialized spaces of cultural creation and clash where fashion, food, and commodity tether communities to a vital sense of home.

The draw: Ground-breaking Vancouver interdisciplinary artists collaborate with Governor General’s Award-winning playwright David Yee.

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to Oct 14

Workshop | 'Victim Impact' at Playwright's Theatre Centre

Writer/producer Tim CarlsonDavid Mesiha and dramaturg Kathleen Flaherty have been meeting to plan production of the Victim Impact Podcast, which is due to hit the internet first thing in January 2018. The six-part podcast series is a companion to and an unpacking of Victim Impact (the play), which is in workshop in October and in production in June, 2018.  When Tim started on his journey following Ponzi schemes, he got deep into the story of Rashida Samji’s fake investment, which soon became the focus. It led him into the lives of victims, and through a tangle of fascinating information about banking and law enforcement and fraud that can’t be unravelled in a play.

For the October workshop, Tim Carlson and Kathleen Flaherty will be working with designers Milton Lim and David Mesiha, director Jiv Parasram and actors Nimet Kanji, Risha Nanda, Munish Sharma, Allan Morgan and Jenn Griffin. Community Outreach Coordinator Gavan Cheema will be funneling information to the actors.

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